Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Mickey Mouse

I forgot I had this. I was on the search for a missing boot...and in a boot box that didnt have the missing boot was my long lost Mickey. I vaguely remember puttting him in a box when someone said "you know...thats a collectable" so at that point I stopped playing with it. I used to hold it up and sing "M I C...See ya real soon,   K E Y....why?....becuz we like you. M O U S E! Grabbed him to watch the show....and put it on my bed till the next day when the show came back on. Those were the days. Anyway...this blast from the past has been around since 1986/1987 and is in near mint condition, the tag is still attached. He is gonna need a new home....thinking about puttting it up for auction.

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