Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LOTD: Power Puff

Also known as a pony-puff. I hate that name though. I mean think about it...a ponytail got its name becuz of its resemblance to a pny's tail. So to call it a pony puff....doesnt fit as nothing on a pony "puffs" haha. A mohawk is said to give its wearer a center of mental power. Allows you to center your thoughts....since the puff is simlar...i just call it a power puff. I've never noticed if my thoughts are more centered or me...its just a hair style. I do find it amusing however that folks give hair so much gravity...its just hair people! Hahaha then thoughts are always Jesus, knitting, coffee, and playing in my hair....if those thoughts were would you know? Im generally intense in all i to say a hairstyle intensified my general thoughts...haha ya...right.

Anyway...enough of that. To get this look...pour moisturizer in hands....and evenly distribute thru wet or damp hair. Gather into a ponytail type situation...shake your head...and go.

Took me all of 2 mins. Ive had folks ask me if i make a ponytail....then wet the ponytail or do i dip the whole head. Huh? Its not that complicated. There is no need to straiten or blowdry just to wet a ponytail. I simply dont get that. When i make a pony-puff or power usually fresh out the shower...with 15 mins to get dressed and ready for work. 90% of my hairstyle....5 mins or less. I drive a schoolbus...i dont have time to take hours to be presentable. So i take mins...and im still presentable. Ha thats just my reality.

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