Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Curlformers in a scarf...shhhh

Hahaha too funny. Today I was going to wear hair in a curlformers puff. Before I even put in the first curlformer...I put on a headband, smoothed my edges and then put the curl formers in going toward the back. I then put a scarf over it so the edges would be smooth. The only thing to do in the morning...remove the scarf, remove the curlformers, go out the door.  Ready to go hairstyle with acessories already added. not what happened. That's the kind of logic used by folks that wear rollers every night, take them out every morning, style hair and still be on time for work. Haha here's my reality...alarm clock went off, I started getting ready for work. When I got downstairs...mother nature decided " is as good a time as any" and I was shall we say ...detoured. so of courrse after the detour...getting back on track, got my boots on, got my keys, did my mini checklist...had everything but my sun glasses...oh well...headed off to work. When I got to work...I'm at the check in desk...they informed me they had no clue where my bus was and just "walk the lot". Hahaha the emergency the bus was lent for resulted in the bus being parked in a different location. So after taking 10 mins to locate my bus...and the zonar device is missing...I pretripped and was getting ready to go. A co-worker said "wow...pretty scarf!" I said "thank you" of course...but at that moment...I realized 2 things...1. I was still wearing the curlformers, 2. The scarf kept that a secret. Ha ya! So I decided to not worry about it and ran my route. So now I realize there are options. So...the LOTD-AM: a scarf. By the will be a puff of unformed curlformer curls. When I took them out the other day and didn't separate the curls...I liked the way it with the headband and that look...I'll have something unique. Yay! I will post a pic of that to when I do it.

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