Monday, August 29, 2011


Watch "Curlformers...1st try" on YouTube. Got some curlformers....decided my first time using them...would be a live video stream. Check it out. Its got some funny moments since live, means no editing. Haha

Also....I bought these on and they are available at Sally's. The size I bought Sally's dont have. I'm using the long and narrow...bought the whole kit. Sally's only had the short and narrow...which for the length of my hair, 7.5 inches, would have worked...what happens when I'm done growing my hair to terminal length? Another product i wont be able to so i got the long ones, then as my hair grows...this product will still be usuable. The short ones are designed for hair thats 9 inches and i got the long ones whic acommadates a 14 inch length. The only kit Sally's had was the wide ones...equal to a large roller. No thanks. Anyway...check it out.

Side note....feels like a scalp massage while they are in. This is a great product.

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