Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Large inverted nubian knots, and knot-out

So I put my hair in 6 inverted nubian knots, with 3 braid downs yesterday. No product...just some moisturizer. And today...I did a knot out...and these are the results. It looks almost like a braid out except the ends are curly.

Here's the funny....this great look is a total accident. I just wanted to get the hair out of my face and off the shoulders so it would be cooler in this 96 degree weather than if I wore it loose. I took it down cuz I'm about to go somewhere and imagine my surprise when it came out like this. This may be my permanent look...I'm loving it. In other son came in and gave me these great sunglsses, which basically haven't left my face since he gave them to me. He's a great son.

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