Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inventory codes

Had to be done. I've avoided it like you wouldn't believe but no choice left. There are now 26 consistant styles I make and I'm no longer creating as the orders come in. So the inventory codes were long overdue.  Example...there are 11 available bamboo jasper agate earrings...but one style code...then a style #. Like the 3rd style in the series is bja3-e. The 4th style is bja4-e, etc.

Most start with AUGS which means of course, Aptitudes Unlimited Gift Shop. So a pair of earrings like the ones discribed would be. AUGS-BJA4-E. Its simple but works. I can tell at a glance what's what and it will make listings easier.  At first I considered standard codes like sku numbers but that gave me headaches when I worked retail and currently...that's not me.

The codes I created will work even if I hired someone to help...the only variable would be their initials added to the code somewhere, ex: AUGS-LP-BJA4-E. I figure that would be best becuz say for instance I hired a crafter...and they had a skill I do not possess...and the customer wanted a repeat...I could look right at the inventory code and know I need to rehire that individual for a custom work. Example...crochet...I do not do it well. I'm an expert knitter...with 33 yrs experience, and even though I actually learned to crochet first...I crochet like an newbie. Anyway...thought I'd share. 

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