Monday, October 24, 2011

I have hair groupies!

 Watch "70. I have hair groupies...and they ask!" on YouTube I got caught in the rain...while everyone was running around like they were gonna melt, I simply walked towards my car. One sister natural asked "arent you scared your hair is gonna get messed up?" I said "nahh, it'll just curl more...thats what it does." Next thing I know, we are standing the rain, talking about hair. I had a similar conversation on Friday with someone else. Seems I have hair groupies! Unlike the rude folks I've come across that say stuff like "you got an afro...gotta feel it!" while they are approaching with both dirty hands out...and wondering why I say, "No...don't." Not like the person who lives in the same house with me and should have known better..."looking" by tugging...ring caught...painful scalp upon person asked. She wanted to know everything I do from cleansing to styling . Her mouth fell open when she seen how long it actually is...then she asked ...or tried to ask...if she could touch it. So I let her. Now shes gonna ditch weaves and wigs and relaxers and grow her own. Next thing I know...heres a group of folks...hmmm where'd they come from?...asking me basically the same stuff. Far as I knew hair is simply chemical free...curly texture, nothing special....I see now, to those that want to take the leap to a chemical free existance...healthy, curly hair, has been a mystery to them. They arent sure how to go about it, what to do, where to I will do my best to show them the way.

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