Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ponytail fail

I was gonna call this hair style ponytail fail....then i seen it. This is not a fail. Ok here's what happened...i was getting ready for work...i took my twists out last night so i could wash my hair today. My ponytail holder got ghost on me...so i grabbed some bands...i know...its a no-no. Half way to work i felt one of the bands pop. By the time i was to my third pick up...my hair plopped into my eyes. I brushed it out the way and kept moving. When i got home...i figured let me take a pic of this failed ponytail before i take it down ...this is that pic. Now i realize people weren't looking at me cuz i was hairy scary...they were looking at me cuz its pretty. Anyway...these bands have yanked my scalp long enough so bye bye ponytail!

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