Friday, October 21, 2011

Teach 'em!

Girl at work said she likes my hair and " isnt loc'd!" I said no...its just twisted. She said, " can do that...i thought hair had to be longer for twists." So I told her as long as you have an can put hair in twists but my hair is longer than it looks...see" and I pulled the hair to its full length...then released it and of course it retracted to resting length. Her mouth dropped open. "Wow! How you get it to spring like that!?!" I said, "my hair is shrinkage is a little over 50%. I add water and fun stuff like that happens." So now shes thinking about getting rid of relaxers and weaves and exploring her own curl pattern. I will be right there to help if she needs me. Its nice that I am apparently an example of healthy natural hair care...without trying to be. Someone behind me said "yeah! School 'em!" I'm not trying to school anybody...but I will teach 'em. You school someone to show off...and they learn nothing. You teach someone....and they retain the knowledge for a lifetime.

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