Saturday, October 15, 2011

Single strand twists....completed!

And they are holding. A little unraveling is normal and I retwirled those and must do so until it stops unraveling which will be at about 75% dry. The back of course is set in place cuz it was done yesterday and is already dry. The front....all the twist have been directed away from the face...and the hard part....don't touch it. The Frutis soft curl creme needs to dry a bit more...then a retwirl...then let dry completely  untouched. After that, there will be no need to do anything to it for a week or 3. No longer than 3 weeks unless the intent is to loc....and I don't intend to lock my hair cuz I like playing in it too much to go thru all of that.

Now let's discuss products and why it didn't work for me until now. First I tried with 14 n 1...its a moisturizer...but it had no holding ingredients and the hair poofed. Couldn't tell it had actually been styled cuz of all the moisture in the air...and the moisture in my hair.

Then I tried hair held....but with the amount left a filmy look and felt greasy. Jam...stiff and hard to work with...and it messed up my nail polish. Tried gel...crunchy...and flaky, and that's not a good look for hair, and who wants hard, crunchy hair? Not me. So I gave up on this look, comptemplating letting an expert do it...till they quoted me a price. Hahaha no. So I watched a few youtube vids and practiced until I got the hang of it. Then I remembered the Frutis soft curl creme....took me a min to remember why I stopped using has the consistantcy of a gummy paste and super hold and for a wash and wasn't the proper product. It is perfect for braiding hair that would unravel cuz of its holding properties and it drys invisible without that crunch...hence the name soft curl. My hair never unravels with braids or two strand twists....but for single strand twist as you can was perfect. I did however use about 75% of the container. I will use the rest for maintainance and everytime I want this look I will siimply buy a new container. 3.00 for a holding product verse 300.00 to have single strands put brainer. Time: total time was 5 hours...2 hours last night. 2 hours today. 1 hour retwirl. Done. So this can actually be done in one day if I start early enough....even though my hair is just at the tip of shoulders. What I love about this style....the intense twirling instantly subtracts about 3 inches of length so even if I wore it down in the front it won't get in my eyes. This is the perfect style for winter as its low/no maintainance.

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