Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Spider decided to make a web from the brick opening of the porch across the mailbox to the other ledge.  Knocked it down to get the mail, next day...same thing.'s another web! We cut down two trees cuz spiders kept making webs across them making an unpleasant surprise leaving the house and now they figure the mail box is free game...NOT on my watch! I knocked down the web and then sprayed my oil mixture where it was. Then it occured me...since the mailbox was rusting anyway after 30 years....may as well spray the whole thing. Couldn't hurt. I also sprayed the brick and the chair, other webs and an egg sac. This stuff...spiders are bothered by the strong smell and it keeps the web from spider problem. After an hour or 2...I'll wipe off the excess oil but the treatment will last for years or untill washed away. Since this is will last until the next torrential rain. put this where ever you see a spider...and you'll never see another one in that spot ever again. It doesn't kill them...just drives them away. That's the important part...AWAY!

Gonna go mix up some more of this stuff first chance I get cuz I used my entire bottle. Usually I mix this stuff up to put in my just happens to have the same benificial ingredients for hair that bugs can't stand.

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