Saturday, October 1, 2011

WAI jacket revisited

My WAI jacket...I've decided to keep it....and line it. As you can see....the inside has carry along strands...and since its pure wool....that's carry along itch. So I'm gonna take an oversized sweatshirt and make a quick lining...then it will last another 20 years. Since it was made in one piece...a sewn lining will not be an option and to knit a mirror image to go inside would tae longer than knitting the jacket took in the first place. So that's when I remembered that we used o cut sweatshirts up the middle for instant jackets back in the if I do that and sew it in drop style...that will be a good solution. It will make it even warmer and keep the raw wool way from my skin ad the shedding strands off my clothes. Pics to follow soon....real soon....I intend to wear this tomorrow.

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