Friday, October 14, 2011

LOTD: fluffy front, flat back.

This look resulted from a moisturizing treatment and curl formers. To get the look...on clean, dry hair...part hair just behind the ears across. Apply 14 n 1 moisturizer as you would a relaxer to the back section and put a ponytail holder on it. Twist the ends of the ponytail and put a small roller on it going towards neck...if short, or a couple of curlformers if long. Apply 14 n 1 to the front, coating the hair. Don't worry, it will dry shiny and non-greasy. Now...take 80 curlformers and fit all of them in the remaining section. Cover lightly with a bonnet or scarf and leave overnight. This style is best prepped early in the day so it all can dry...but if it doesn't the natural curl pattern of the hair will assist in the look.

To style: slowly remove the curl formers starting in the front....then the next row...let it fall in place over the previous row. Remove all in this manner. If some spots aren't completely not comb it....when completely removed, gently shake the hair to fluff. Pat hair lightly to shape and move any hair hanging down from the eye area. You are finished. Don't touch the hair again for any reason for at. Least an hour, giving any sections that didn't fully dry the chance to do so.

Mainenance: redo any that didn't dry completely, wrap pineapple style, fluff with fingers to style and shake.

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