Monday, October 3, 2011

LOTD: a modification of my famous halo.

To get this look you will part the hair into 4 sections: front to back and ear to ear. Apply hair pudding to each section as you style it. French braid the 2 back sections upward...leaving the ends hanging forward, they will be weaved into the front braids. French braid the 2 front sections across from ear to not connect the center braids. Now criscross the first braid over...take a beader and inserting it under the french braid pull the end of the braid thru. Do this with the other side. Weave the ends into the loops of the french braids randomly using the beader. Do the same with all braid ends. This style will take less than 10 mins, last for 2 weeks, and look like it took hours to do.

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