Monday, February 20, 2012

Blocking by boiled water

Ya...this is not the best choice to try something new on...but my steam iron died on me. This is acrylic...dipping in boiling water like wool...not an option. So I pinned it to measurements and slowly poured slightly cooled boiled water on it. Needless to say...I did this outside. The pouring did shift the lace out of place where the water first hit...guess I was. Standing too high, pouring to fast, or some such factor. This is the feather and fan stitch however, so I swept my hands in the direction of the waves. For the most part....its back in position...not much warp. When it cools down more....I will try and reshape where needed.

Then it will dry for at least 24 hours before I even attempt to unpin, wash, etc. If this works out....I may have a quicker way of blocking large objects. For right now....I'm only interested in killing this acrylic with minimum detriment to the lace. Heat kills acrylic....usually via steam, boiling water is steam before the rise. So here's hoping its a good idea.

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