Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yo yo drama hair clip

Ya....familiar name. These are the yo yos left over from the yo yo drama necklace....only this time....I made a hair clip.  To duplicate, You will need 9 yo yo's (made from 2 inch circles...finished size=1 inch)...arrange and stitch them as desired into a template. With or without a backing. 1 duck bill clip...full size. A glue gun. Needle and thread if desired.

Line up the yo yos in the desired location on the clip. Use a couple of pins to hold the location thru the holes in the top of the clip. Heat up the glue gun....and apply a strip of glue on the tip half of the the yo yo template into the glue and hold till dry. Remove the pin before glue dries. Next lift the other side and repeat the process. Hot glue can lift in time, paticularly if you have oily hair or use a lot of reinforce with sewing or more glue. If desired....use some needle and thread to reinforce the template into place taking care to hide stitches on front side. If you used a backing...keep the stitches on the backing and you wont have to worry about hiding the stitches on the front. You are done. Take a pic and share your work.

Construction tips, watch video: tips on crafting. 

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