Thursday, February 9, 2012 just need soap

This was my fave barrette. Then when it broke....I put it on the console to remember to take it in the house. It fell out of it and under the passenger seat. Haha and of course I promptly forgot it. Found it 20 mins ago....totally unrecognizable...mud, silt, dirt, time, heat....and it was basically a lost. I washed it in the washer....20 min cycle, nothing. soaked it in dishsoap...20 mins, nada. Was thinking about using bleach. Then I remembered something profound....composition of most detergents work by. Stripping oils and grease and any dirt attached to it. Soap works by adding fat...emulsifying the fat into soil...lifts it completely. So i took an old face brush, and some dove sensitive...water...and 5 seconds later....spotless. i didnt even use the amount i use to clean my face and its spotless.

Sometimes you just need soap. Every day, ordinarary soap...or shampoo. Soap works best on body oils, protein based stains, etc. Then if i felt the need to go back over it with something stronger...still can. Shampoos do the same thing with the added bonus of being about to remove petroleum. The soap i worrys of soap scum soap is "soap free" but it still worked. Hey! 

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