Monday, February 6, 2012

Making a dufil braid

Winding string on the hair, slide the hair up, and anchor the hair to the string...or just twirl it if your hair is natural as it will hold the shape...this is called a dufil braid. Its great on long hair. It makes the hair look shorter if you snip the end string and wear them down. Then when you remove the strings...enjoy the curls.

Its actually a twist, but hey...I'm not the one that named it. I just like to do my hair this way. After the wind up...take the end strings, and wrap them in the direction you want the finished curls to go and anchor it in place with a clip.

I do this on wet or damp hair. If I do it when the hair is dry, I spray the sections with water before twisting.

This video shows how to do it.

 Making a dufil braid 

A result video is coming soon as my hair drys.

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