Monday, February 27, 2012

Hubcaps with bling...installed.

 Watch "286. hubcaps with bling...installed!" on YouTube okay...ya...I went and had them professionally installed but how else would I learn how to do it? Seems its more to it than seating a retention ring and popping them have to line up the valve stem and use a placement method that would have zapped some finger nails. Hahaha I was not willing to do that. The old hubcaps were not lined up and thats why it made the irritating noise...and also why the one tire kept getting a leak....the non lined up retention ring was rubbing against it all the time.

My tech said, "ummm....heres a want to sign those? They are unique." I said, "yes...sure do." So each are signed and dated with todays date and as he calling my insurance company and having them added. Seems they are no longer 20.00 hubcaps, they are art...worth what ever I say the replacement value is. Ha who knew! Replacement value....these cant be replaced! I could design more but i can replace these. Anyway....get yourself some supplies...close your eyes and say "what do you want to be?" Then decorate your hubcaps according to the answer that pops into your brain.

I made sure to drive past a few mirrored buildings on the way home so I could peek at them...when the car is in looks like a rim of pink...then when slowing down...the design becomes prominent. Just as I had imagined it would. I love when an ideal comes to fruition!

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