Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hubcaps...with bling!

 Watch "283. Hubcaps...with bling!" on YouTube added a pop of color in a unusual place. Here i show the hubcaps. This was a fun project...i may do it again for friends and family. Someone said, "an artist isnt a special person, every person has a special art." So...have I found my special art? Maybe not, as I have always thought that would be knitting related. Have I found an addictive new hobby? I think so!

The process for simply adding color...painting hubcaps, was a bit much, as it involved removing the finish and sanding, and such ....and what if it didnt work out? I used duck tape....if it doesn't work out...i can redo it and the finish of the hubcap isnt i can do this again and will.

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