Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilted jacket

Back in the day...when I had patience for such things....I decided to "quilt my world" which included covers, couch, clothes, shoes, etc. And at some point, this leather jacket. Quilting a premade leather jacket isn't as easy as you'd think cuz it included separating the lining....punching the leather to lace the pieces on...since a needle wouldn't easily go thru the leather but would stab your fingers instead.. I had this amazing fabric from Ghana so I quilted it into carpenter wheel diamonds...after the carpenter wheel was finished....I put the left overs on this jacket. Then it was misplace during the move and found the bottom of a storage box...with 3 other wiinter coats. I tried it on...sleeves are now too short becuz in 24 years....I've gotten taller. And I can't zip it cuz my waist....has gotten wider. Hahaha

I am going to finish it and then decide if I'm gonna sell it or shrink my body to fit. Maybe I'll give it to one of my kids...don't know yet.

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