Sunday, February 26, 2012

The magic of Crisco

 Watch "280. Crisco twistout" on YouTube 

I have used Crisco for years on my hair as a "hair grease" substitute. Never occured to me to use it like a setting gel to do twist outs or wash n gos until i seen the results others were getting with a hairstyle called a "hair grease twist out" so I figured I'd give it a try. The experiment was not only an outrageous success...its now my go to style. I spent the day dodging and ducking folks trying to touch my hair! Even my own daughter, who said "I know you hate that, but its so pretty!"  Anyway...check it out and give it a try. Just works....and you use less than if you were trying the hair grease version of the style. Who knew!

Also important to mention....this style took 5 mins to do after the hair was dry. 5 mins and out the door is a style I can deal with.

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