Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 soaps...1 day...big adventure

Today...I made a soap molds from 2 pringles cans for my personal soap cuz I've always wanted to try that method...1 failed on the slam and stared oozing all over the sink and I had to get the soap into the other can quickly....I use gravity....when the weight started pulling down the plastic wrap...I snipped it and let it drain into the other mold....then I used a spatula and got the rest in. Didn't lose more than like an oz or 2.

The second soap...oatmilk...I forgot...though it gives a perfect takes a long time to set up...slow to trace....the wrong soap for the swirl technique I was attempting....but it looks amazing. It just doesn't look like the dandilion swirl. The overflow went into the single bar molds and will be samples.

Then attempt to make a cp version of my mp  yogurt goatsmilk soap....a big success. However...interestin process. The fresh goats milk and the fresh yogurt needed to be frozen I did that Wednesday and the lye sprinkled on little at a time while stirring with a spatula. I premixed the oils in a smaller container...I used the larger one to process the lye keeping the temp at 80 one point I had to put it in the freezer to bring the temp down. Superfatting was grapeseed oil as that's what I used in the np version.

Can't wait to cut these up....but they have to set up first.
I usually make one soap on the weekends or 1 large batch and 1 small batch....this is the first time I've made 3.
I had the foresight to premeasurei out my oils...write notation for the lye mix and do the soaps assembly style. Mainly I wanted to see how long it would take me. In the summer, I'm thinking a batch a day...or maybe keep the weekend schedule. In the mean time....I've put the soaps to bed and I'm going to sleep.

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