Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday bash soap pops

The column mold....holds 40 oz instead of 49 as the website said...the cap issue has been resolved. I figured out I can gel the soaps in the mold by putting the mold in a box with a fleeze blanket. Then I put a plastic bag over the box to hold it close. It works I can feel the heat rising about 6 to 7 inches above the box.

These are the soaps I made with the column mold. I inserted the sticks as part of a special project...My birthday bash celebration. One of these "pops" has a code on it. The recipient can take a pic or type the code into an email to me and claim a free bars of soap from any of the available inventory on my etsy site.

The soap pop scents are "fruit salad", pink sugar type, chery overload, (....and I'm not done yet). There will be the same number of pops as years I have on these planet.  Each batch is scented with my fave scents on the planet.

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