Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Water soluable vs oil dispersable TD

Titanium dioxide(TD)....a natural mineral commonly used for coloring soap....comes in two types depending on the salt level of the batch.  These 2 varieties are marketed as oil dispersable and water soluable. 

Well when you buy oil dispersable and it clumps instead of blending start to get curious. This is what I've been experiencing on the last 3 batches so I decided to try an experiement and confirmed that my oil dispersable TD is actually water soluable. I personally perfer the oil dispersable as I tend to mix my colors with oil. Mixing in water requires the use of the water measured for the lye and there is generally much less water available with that method, whereas mixing with oil from the measured oils...there's enough to mix as many colors as you want to.

Here you can see from my experiment...the TD labeled for oil...didn't disperse in the oil....double check your stuff at the time of delievery instead of 3 batches later.

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