Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fruit loops and vanilla bean

Birthday bash 5...the vanilla bean is cut. Came out very pretty although it may later turn brown as vanilla bean has over 9% vanilla in it. I knew this and colored it anyway....that way I can enjoy the view for a while.

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The fruit loops...cut. smells wonderful. I cut 16 bars from the loaf then cut 8 of those in half to get 16 kid size bars and 8 full size bars. The 16 bars will be put with the 16 bubble gum bars and they will be donated to the back to school out reach once they cure. The full size are for sale.

Ingredients inspired by the most sensitive skin I know: mine.

Cold process soap made from saponified:





superfatted with: grapeseed oil

colored with: mica

The whole house smells amazing!

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