Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Using the column mold for the first time.

The mold says holds 49 oz. Recipe says makes 48. I failed to do the water measure to confirm and therefore made too much but like any other time I had a spare mold at the ready. I was doing a funnel pour....you almost work blindly with that technique...which I not the time to be clueless on capacity. Haha which means, by the time I noticed the funnel didn't drain...I also noticed it was overflowing. So the remaining soap that was in the funnel was quickly transed to the individual mold. I used a spatula to catch the remaining overflow and put I also in the individual mold. Whole bar worth. A brilliant person told me when working with high tops and odd shapes...you can still gel it by placing in a box and wrapping the box....adding newspapers to the inside. Don't have news paper....so I did this...I placed the column mold into a close fitting bowl to stabilize it. I placed the fleece I usually use for gelling in an empty box and evenly spread it....then carefully placed the mold and the bowl supporting it in the box...then gently overlapped one side. I then loosely closed the gap between the side and the mold and finshed overlapping the ends. It can now gel without being knocked over...there are no air gaps....and no one here can look at it like they don't know what it is...deleting the temptation to peek. I have gathered a few more boxes that matches the sizes of mold that fit the criteria for futuer use.

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