Friday, June 7, 2013

Bubble gum and the return of the 7up cake!

Making a cp version of my 7up pound cake...did it in phases...phase 1...making the base...coconut, canola, and castor oils. Superfatting with grapeseed oil and 7up pound cake fragrance with has a high vanilla content.

While waiting for the 7up cake to set up enough to support phase 2....I made Bubblegum soap.

The Bubblegum soap is made from soy short, coconut oil, canola oil, and grapeseed oil. The directions said to mix the mica into the since I wanted pink and blue....I split that into 2 containers, along with some grapesedd oil for superfatting. After trace, I added the pink fo. No problem...there was a moment when it turned orange...reacting to the foil lining from the shortening....been there before so I didn't panic. This soap is pink and gold. Haha

Ya funny thing happend with the blue...haha I reused a disposable cup....poured the fo into the mica and the grapeseed oil....was about to stir in the soap when I noticed the cup seemed very soft....ate thru. Dont know if it was from previous lye, wear and tear or the I strained it into another ...sturdier cup...little pieces of blue tinted plastic separated out....I always strain when weird things happen...and since that was the last of the blue, I needed another color. The pantagia purple tends to turn red...which won't go well with this shade of I added 24k gold and added the soap. By this time the batter was high I did a single color itps...there may be hints of the blue but I doubt it.

Can't wait to cut it open and see what's going on inside. I want to see what an itps looks like when the trace is thick as I hear it give a whole different aspect. In the meantime on to phase 2.

Phase 2...the topping...brought 16 oz of the same recipe to trace without any fo. The top will stay white while the "cake" bakes. Just as the original did only this is a cp version. Instead of being ready in an hour, this will need to cure for four weeks after cutting. I brought it to a thick trace....dabbed a starting layer onto phase 1....waitied a while as the soap...even though very thick was at the consistancy of cake batter...pound cake actually. Needed it to be the consistancy of frosting. That took time. When it was the right consistancy....I dropped it on spoonful by spoonful. Then I spread it traditional style. I decided ...."nahhhhh...I want height" so I put the rest of the soap frosting on there....swirled it with a skewer and set it to rest a while. Gonna gel it (phase 3) and that requires wrapping it needs to get a little hard. In the meantime...its already deepened in color.

Pics of what happens will be posted later, stay tuned.

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