Sunday, June 2, 2013

Its green!

Not 24 hours yet, but the yo-goats is out of gel phase...which it did without insulation....and is testing light to mid green...that's 7/8 range on the ph scale. Can only go down from there and become even milder upon curing.

The dandilion deviation ...its the surface, but I have enough experience with my oatmilk soap to know not to trust it. There may be softness on the bottom or in the middle. I give my oatmilk a full 48 to 72 hours before removing from the mold...that includes the smaller ones in the individual molds.

The Face! soap is out of the pringles can....remember the large excess of paper at the top...that was there for "grip" once I removed the top and peeled the plastic wrap off the bottom of the soap....grip the excess paper at the top while holding the tube....pulled the soap right out...very smoothly. It will stay in the paper until ready to cut.

Since these were all made on 6/1/13....they will all be cured on the same day...7/1/13. That being said....I may decide to cure the yo-goats even longer...or not. I haven't decided that far yet.

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