Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All kinds of goodies coming soon!

Face!, Yo-goats, and Dandelion Deviation are all cut...including samples.

I ph tagged the Face! Which I always do to my personal soaps and went ahead and wrapped them in som breathable paper...it can cure while wrapped. Look at the soap in the paper....you can barely see the green litmus stain but once wet...it will show up. If the soap changes in ph....the stain will change color.

The dandelion deviation came out....in. word...amazing! I took pics of both side after dipping them...they look hiny and wet cuz of the dipping but they are dry.

The Yo-goats hs lost that ammonia smell that occurs when fresh dairy products is mixed with lye....its a creamy butter color with no added color or scent. I'm so glad this came out well.

They will all be done curing on July 1, but I will probally cure them even longer. A soaping sister sent me a beautiful card and some rooibos tea to try. I'm already researching its benifits and planning a soap to be mde from it. It will lso color the soap red so I'm thinking....maybe add TD to part of the batch and swirl it. 3 soaps in 1 day and gifts in the mail...gotta love that! It was a long day but look at all the goodies it produced, with more to come!

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