Monday, February 7, 2011

Braiding the bridge!

Lets face it...we all love braids...but we don't love it when genetics
interfere with the desired end result. To that end...there is a
technique I use when braiding my hair that I'd thought I'd share. It's called "braiding the bridge" In
quilting, there's a method called "stitch in the ditch" it's a method of
getting the pieces attached without the stitching being seen.

In braiding it's called "braiding the bridge" over the void. It's not
troubled water that's the problem's my hairline. I inheirted
this silliness but it doesn't mean I have to succumb to it. I have a
prominent windows peak and two natural parts...the hair "goes in" where
those parts you can see on the one side of my head...the hairline
is not even. For braids that start at the hairline....the uneven
hairline is great. For braids that edge the's a bad
thang...unless you know how to braid a bridge. You part the hair....and
continue the part on the other side of the "gap", anchor the remaining
hair out of the way when you start your braid
(lightly...let the hair do the unnecessary pulling) and you
come to the gap...continue braiding as if there were hair there...the
pickups here will be imaginary. This insures the braid stays flat, 'baby
hair' is incorporated, and your pickup across the gap will be in the
proper location....not pulling forward...not stressed back. The bridge
is now complete. Unless you physically touch or wiggle the
shouldn't be able to tell it's a bridge. The one rule is this...the hair
being braided must be longer than the gap it's bridging...otherwise it
can unravel. If you have an uneven hairline or thinning spots...give it
a try.
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