Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twins no more!

Out matching hip pouches no no longer match. Imagine...unzipping your
hip pouch and not recognizing anything in it...usually I just say, "Mom,
I have your pouch!" on the flip side...when she does that with
mine...she goes thru it...hold stuff up and say, "why you carry this in
your purse...what's that for?" once may be aciddental but after a begin to suspect it's not an accident.

Well, I had finished the blue blast and too sleepy to start a new knit
project so I did this. The butterfly was made from a butterfly shaped
candle....I dropped the paint right on it...and then used it as a
stamp. Clean up...incredibly easy...paint doesn't stick to wax. So
paper towel, two seconds, done.

Now that it is dry...I can fine tune the design a bit. Oh and need to
mention..this paint glows in the dark...which will come in handy if I
need to find it in the dark.
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spinndiva said...

Awesome! :) Can't wait to see it after the fine tuning!!!

peepla said...

I just found a heart...tiny tiny nail decal type...gonna see if I can find will look good on this.