Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kaya's Coat of Many Colors

My coat of many colors, designed by me, made from red heart rag doll in
the following colors: skip, pinky, punch, hop, jump, wow and sorbet
which is to say blues, pinks, purple, yellows, reds, greenish mix, beige
combo. this yarn is feltable, so when i lose the extra weight....i'm
gonna felt it down.
When it was time to felt...I fell asleep and it shrank way past my size
and the Kaya coat became the Maya coat. Maya has since out grown it.

The swatches are all the colors the ragdoll yarn came in...the only
color I didn't use was Oceania and that is becuz the store didn't have

I don't remember if I blogged this or not...I had put it on
facebook...but to be it's blogged.
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spinndiva said...

awesome coat! I almost like it better in the kid size LOL Too cute for a little girl!

peepla said...

Ya when it shrank the colors got more vibrant with a heathery background effect. I have 2 skiens left....pot holders or something. It hasn't been decided yet.