Monday, February 14, 2011

Refracted light values

All day long folks have been saying "you feel ok?" my first thought was
"am I wearing green? No. Then what's that about?" I get home and I look
in the mirror ready to wash the city grime off my face and happen to
noticed my skin looked like I had been in the sun all day...not in the
good way. Darker. So I washed my face like normal....and of course
couldn't figure out what went wrong with my skin from the time I woke up
till now.

Then as usual...I changed clothes...out of the winter gear to the around
the house wear...and my skin was back to glowing...heathy looking light
reflecting. Seems the whole problem was the refracted light values of
this sweater I had on. White reflects, black refracts, here I am in a
striped black, white, brown, red sweater. Bad move on my part.

As you can see in the pics...I put the sweater back on just to take the's like the dark colors aged my face and revealed lines. The
darkness from earlier isn't as bad as I'm sitting right in front of a
light with a freshly washed face. The second pic...a light
I usually wear...and 10 years are gone from my skin. I will never wear
that sweater again. Usually I have the problem whenever I wear any shade
of green but apparently it happens with a busy stripe too.
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