Monday, February 7, 2011

It's the Quirky Kay show!!! Haha

I call this braid pattern the Quirky Kay cuz this is what happens when
you can't sleep at one in the morning and your big idea of a relaxing
activity is "think I'll braid my hair" and so you do. No planning went
into this style so I ended up with a bunch of techniques vying for
attention. However, with my for me. I got everything
in it...fishbones, braid the bridge, connect 4's, stagger starts, etc. I
even got the hang gang in the back.

I gottta was relaxing enough to make me sleepy so I braided
in some "place markers"...two of which I didn't even use, haha and
finished this after noon.

The braid technique itself was floater style. I let the hair do all the
work and the braids are flaoting on top of the scalp. Won't unravel and
there's no I can wear it for a few weeks without

Anyway...time to tie it with a scarf so it will be smooth when I leave
for work tomorrow and I have laundry to do. Blog ya later!
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