Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Feet

A different kind of sock chart. This chart is a quick reference for
every foot in the family...those that cooperated anyway. The chart has
shoe size...not very helpful but those that didn't cooperate more than
that...I can look up a general measurement. Because I know I tend to
switch up I've also included measurements from to to heel and heel to
toe start. I included the foot circumference, toe measurements, ankle
depth from bone to's easier to customize the turn of the heel
if you know someone has a short ankle or a deep one, and cuff
circumference. Then I included notations for each if
they prefer cuffs, need a wider or round toe, or extra length becuz of
height, etc.

That way...I don't have to worry about making the same person socks that
differ in size. Each pair can be consistent now. This also makes it
easier to customized based on yarn type. So even if I use a worsted
yarn, or bulky weight....long as it fits the measurement chart...socks
will fit. Gonna make one for sweaters too.

Make one for yourself today.
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