Sunday, February 20, 2011

Round the world twist out...

Braid or twist your hair in the following pattern...around your head,
(known as an around the world pattern). Start at the face, end in the
center of scalp...either leave the final twist to hang or wrap it around
a this while it is damp or while dry and dip in water. Your
choice. You can actually part or freestyle, keep in mine that the
smaller the twist, the smaller the resulting curls. Let dry
completely...overnight is how I usually do mine.

To style, unravel from the center out using fingers only. Using your
fingers...go thru hair in all directions, then direct hair into the
finished style desired.

I do this kind of twist out when I am short on time as one continuous
twist around the world takes about 10 mins where as individual sections
and single twists take nearly an hour. Give it a try.
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spinndiva said...

I really like this hairdo on you! Looks very pretty! :)

peepla said...

Thank you Diva! A person with strait hair told me about it. She uses gel though. It "gives her curls" and on me it "controls my curls" by making them go the way I want instead of every~which~way they want. Haha