Saturday, February 19, 2011

Completed Face

Completed Face

As I walk the human race, I keep a visual and written record of my

I read, I write, I draw--but I refuse to draw a completed face.

I am not complete as a person so until I am,
I will not walk about saying "I'm perfect like I am."

When God is thru with me, I shall be pure as gold,
But on that day, my walk shall end in this human race.
So therefore I am not, yet, a completed face.

So I shall leave you with this thought, don't strive to be perfect--all
perfect people live in heaven. Try to be the best you, you can be, and
maybe one day in Heaven above -- you can meet the completed ME.

God made me the way I am. Said follow my rules and lead a happy life. If
you do, you will see that your life will be trouble-free with no

So as you walk the human race, keep trying for a completed face.

©Lakaya M. Peeples March 20, 1995

This is the poem I had written on the back of my folder one day in
college when I was very very bored. The class was Communication /
Motivation neither of which the teacher had any skills at. However my
next class gave me the tools to deal with her....Stress and Time
Management. Hahaha
~ ~
:: ::

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